Blade 230s Rtf Heli W/safe M2


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Take the next stage in your flying adventure with the 230S RC helicopter from Blade, complete with innovative SAFE Technology.

  • Ideal for pilots seeking their first collective pitch heli
  • SAFE Technology makes flying easy
  • Three different flight modes lets you build your skills
  • Panic Recovery mode to level the heli
  • Brushless main and tail motors
  • Spektrum AR636 receiver with AS3X
  • E-Flite 800mAh 3S LiPo battery and charger
  • Comes fully assembled, no building required
  • Strong, yet lightweight airframe
  • Includes Spektrum radio
  • Impact resistant ABS main blades

Blade 230S – Game On

If you are ready to proceed to the next level of RC helicopters, here is your opportunity. The Blade 230S will help you move up to a collective pitch model with ease. It comes with in-built SAFE Technology, which makes the 230S as stable as the coaxial helicopters you may have flown previously.

RC Heli

There are three flight modes available, allowing you to develop your skills over time. This includes Stability Mode, whereby the flight envelope is limited, with self-levelling and a bank angle limit. Agility Mode gives you complete control authority for sport aerobatics without any bank angle limits. Finally, 3D mode increases the flip and roll rate, allowing for stellar 3D aerobatics.

This helicopter can be smooth for the starter and aggressive for the experienced!

Blade 230S

Because the 230S is a collective pitch model, you will be able to perform stable hovers, fast forward flight and aerobatic manoeuvres when desired, including aerobatic flight. The collective pitch comes with flybarless mechanics, giving you sharp control response and positive authority. The rotor mechanics have been engineered to provide the ideal level of manoeuvrability for learning aerobatics and inverted flight. Furthermore, there is always a Panic Recovery mode available with SAFE Technology if things do not go according to plan. At the flick of a switch, the helicopter will automatically return to a level attitude.

The 230S is equipped with brushless main and tail motors to give you plenty of power and solid durability in the air. Working together, these high-speed motors give you an efficient drive system that makes the helicopter lightweight and gives it a fast response rate. These motors are powered by a 3S 800mAh battery, which gives you flight times up to six minutes. Additionally, Blade has included the same 9g metal gear servos that are used for cyclic control in high-performance helicopters such as the 360 CFX.

The 230S comes ready-to-fly with a brand new Spektrum DXE transmitter included. This six-channel radio uses DSMX 2.4GHz technology to give you precise control. A great feature with the DXE is that it can be connected to your computer so you can experiment with radio settings such as dual rates and exponential parameters.

The 230S is your chance to fly an RC helicopter at a whole new level. Order yours now.

What you Need:

Nothing! Everything you need is included in the box.